Our Story So Far

Whats a Turto?
It's good to start with the name. It's pronounced Tur to (tʊə tuː) or similar to "tour to." Since the idea came to us while in Berlin it's from the German word for door "Tür" and "to" in English. But really pronounce it any way you like. We are opening a door for new way to travel focusing on connecting with locals and find new places to love around the world.

Our story isn’t written yet.
We’re at the beginning and are starting in London. Then, we plan to expand to the rest of Europe and the world. But if you’re here, might you be wondering: Why did we decide to create a company that helps craft custom trips for travelers with the help of locals?  

It’s a good question, so we'll tell you how our story began: with questions of our own, like:
How can we make travel better? Better for travelers? Better for the communities that host us?

How can we make travel more sustainable?

How can we make all this fun and memorable?
Then the global pandemic caused the most extensive disruption in travel in over 75 years. It put millions of livelihoods at risk. But, it also put travel under the microscope as people questioned the value of how many people travel.

Not being able to travel made us more dedicated to improving it. We asked more questions:
What if we moved past the big crowds of online fueled mass tourism?

What if we focused more on the places we love and less on search boxes, high-pressure sales, and generic online reviews? 

What if we better connected locals to travelers and set a new standard for hospitality for travelers from the beginning?
Don’t get us wrong – we love lots of options, reasonable prices, quality reviews, and “seeing the sights.” They are all part of what any company should offer travelers. But your trip should include whatever you want to do, but we believe travel means discovery and exploration as well. We want to help make the most of your journey, so that started with asking questions.

We've asked thousands of questions.

We've had conversations about this with hundreds of travelers and locals for the last six months.

We asked questions like these. You can even let us know your thoughts, too -- we're always ready to listen.
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Thanks to the hundreds of hours of conversations people had with us answering questions like this – and the ones we keep having every day – we found our purpose:  
Make travel focused on creating distinctive trips, uncovering new places to love, making memories we always dreamed of, and respecting the communities that host us. 
We believe these simple ideas can help us experience places that bring us joy while improving the well-being of places we just discovered or always loved. These beliefs drove us to create Turto to help you craft a custom trip with the help of a team of locals that want to help you have fantastic experiences and celebrate their city.
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All these conversations have led us to set out some of our core beliefs:

Experience Places that Bring Us Joy

We start by listening to you. What makes you travel and bring you joy. Then, we give you suggestions based on your interests, travel style, and recommendations from a dedicated team of locals. Unlike traditional travel websites, Turto makes it fun and easy to uncover ways to design a distinctive trip that will change the way we travel. See how it works.

Respecting the Communities that Host Us

Imagine how much better our trips and world could be if most travelers just talk to people who live in the communities that host us before deciding what to do on our travels? We could make sure you don't miss out on the things you’ll love and do miss out on the things you’ll never like.

Improving the Well-being of Places We Love

We believe that locals should benefit more from tourism and not cause more damage. That’s why engaging locals is the core of our business. The majority of our fees goes directly to locals.

They also help us combine their knowledge with technology to reduce the emissions of your trips – our goal is to cut emissions of the average Turto trips by 25% and help people offset their entire journey. 

That is how we plan to help reimagine travel.

The only way is with the help of travelers and locals.
To get there, we have a long way to go. We’re beginning, and amazing travelers and locals are still writing our story. We’d love your help to bring it to life as so many people and places already have. Try it out, help us make it better, or get in touch.
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